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TransCube 1000 Gallon DOT/UL Tank with Optional Trailer

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DOT Approved for Gas and Diesel


Transcube 40TCG. Maximize efficiency; maximize revenue; extend run times on your diesel powered equipment.

TRANSCUBE double-walled auxiliary fuel tanks provide a clean, environmentally friendly alternative. TRANSCUBE above ground diesel fuel tanks go beyond simply being a tank that holds fuel, delivering special features for added flexibility and convenience to the fuel handling, storage, and transportation. This innovative line of fuel tanks was designed to provide on-demand fuel supply for construction sites, pump, power & HVAC, auxiliary equipment, and more!

The TRANSCUBE is available in two different model types: TRANSCUBE Global and TRANSCUBE Standby. The Global range is fully transportable when full of fuel, while the Standby is only designed for stationary use.

40TCG Specifications
Length 91" Capacity U.S. gal 1000 Stack Height 2 high 94"
Width 87" Capacity Liters 4000 Stack Height 3 high 140"
Height 48" Weight empty/full Lbs 2370/9370 Construction Double Wall Steel
Approvals CFR 49, Part 178, Sub-part N 178.700 (Performance oriented standards) and Sub-part O 178.800 (Testing requirements for IBCs identified in Sub-part N). UL 142 listed for safe storage of fuel.
Standard equipment

Enviroconnect equipment cabinet includes: high accuracy contents gauge; 3” fusible link fill port; 1” pump feed with flexible dip pipe, strainer and non-return valve; 1 x engine supply and return port set; pressure/vacuum vent; breather vent.

Optional fitted equipment

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