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ABBI Mobile Fuel Trailers with Optional DEF

ABBI BLUE 15ART-BLU Fuel Trailer

DOT Approved for Gas and Diesel

The Abbi is a line of double-walled fuel storage tanks known for their transportability and ease of use. Fully approved for transport when full, the Abbi storage tanks are well suited as a mobile refueler, traversing around jobsites refueling all applicable machinery and equipment.

With capacities ranging from 264 to 710 gallons, the Abbi’s UN DOT approved design allows for quick, compliant and safe transport to and from locations. Abbi packages include a DOT approved fully galvanized trailer for ease of transport.  The Abbi is also rated as a UL 142 Listed Aboveground Storage Tank (AST). In addition to Abbi models solely for fuel, the Abbi Blue was developed to meet the ever-growing tier 4 regulations for machinery and vehicles. The Abbi Blue is a dual compartment tank with the benefits of fuel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to help streamline the refueling process.

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Download the Abbi Blue (Fuel and DEF) Brochure>>

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The Abbi is available with a full set of dispensing equipment options: Pump, Hose, Meter, Reel, Filter, Battery and More


The UN DOT approved Abbi enables easy refueling around any site. The fully galvanized trailer features lights and electric brakes for unmatched durability and ease of use.


Access manway enables easy access to the inner tank for routine cleaning and maintenance.


The unique shape of the Abbi has a lower center of gravity, which provides safer and more reliable mobility.


The Abbi’s large lockable equipment cabinet is capable of housing and protecting a variety equipment such as pumps and hose reels. This added protection helps to minimize the risk of equipment or fuel theft.


The Abbi’s double-walled, 110% contained design and integral equipment cabinet effectively capture and contain any potential drips or spills that could occur.