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TransFueler M-Series

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Revolutionizing Mobile Fueling!


  • The Original, Patent-Pending Modular Fueling System...
  • No Haz-Mat License Required. DOT Legal Nationwide.
  • Carry & Dispense: Gas, Diesel, Jet Fuel or Avgas.
  • Exclusive Design: Multiple 119 Gallon Tanks On A Steel Platform
  • One Pump & Hose Accesses All Tanks Via Quick Connect Fittings
  • Forklift Pockets & Lifting Rings For Unmatched Mobility
  • Fits Standard Pickup Beds, or Also Available On Matching Trailer
  • Exclusive "V-Bottom" Tanks Allow For True 119 Gallon Usable Capacity (V-Bottom tank design not on aluminum models)
  • Heavy-Duty Structural Steel & Aluminum Tanks Are Built To Last
  • Made In USA, Same As All TransFueler Products...


The TransFueler M-Series Advantage

DOT Regulations allow for up to 119 gallons of any commonly used fuel (Including Gasoline) to be transported virtually anywhere, without the need for a Haz-Mat license. Gas must be transported in a tank bearing a DOT Special Exemption. Diesel & Jet Fuel may be transported in a non-specification tank. The M-Series complies with this law, allowing our customers to safely and legally transport fuel without the need for a Haz-Mat license.

Our patent-pending system consists of a number of 119 gallon non-connected tanks. We have developed a unique dispensing system using a single pump, accessing any of the tanks by way of a jump hose and quick-connect fittings. Simply connect the jump hose to whichever tank you choose, and dispense fuel. Safe. Convenient. Legal...


  • Save Money: Fuel your equipment or vehicles at your convenience. No time wasted waiting for fuel trucks. Fuel on your schedule...
  • Save Money: Fuel your equipment or vehicles where you need to. In the field. On the jobsite. At remote locations. Virtually anywhere!
  • Save Money: TransFueler M-Series tough construction lasts far longer than typical flimsy truck bed tanks. Built to last under hard use.
  • Delivered ready to use. Fill & GO!


M-Series Standard Equipment:

  • 12GA Steel “V Bottom” tanks & platform with fork pockets & lifting rings.
  • Gasoline tanks are extra-thick .190 aluminum. (Aluminum tanks are natural finish)
  • Two stage powder coat finish on steel tanks. Custom colors are available.
  • Choice of one, two, three or four 119 gallon (Usable Capacity) steel tanks.
  • Pump: 12V, 15GPM. Optional higher output pumps also available.
  • Automatic shutoff, high capacity fuel nozzle.
  • Aviation dispensing package available. Jet fuel or avgas.

M-Series Options:

  • Choice of 1, 2, 3 or 4 “V Bottom” 119 Gallon Steel Tanks
  • 25’ UL Hose on Spring Rewind Hose Reel. Available Hose Lengths: Up to 100’
  • Swivel Mount for Hose Reel
  • Higher output pumps.
  • Double Wall Tanks (Reduces usable capacity slightly)
  • Rail Type Mounting System
  • Quick-Disconnect Electric Connection Kit
  • Complete Aviation Dispensing System for Jet Fuel or Avgas




User is responsible for ensuring compliance with local, state and federal regulations, codes, and laws, as well as proper operation to ensure safety.

Important Information:

DOT regulations allow for fuels to be carried in tanks up to 119 gallons without having it classed as hazardous material. DOT does not limit the number of 119 gallon tanks carried, as long as they do not allow for fuel to pass from one tank to another. Our exclusive, patent-pending system incorporates multiples of separate 119 gallon tanks, using a “jump hose” to draw fuel from any of the tanks individually. This allows for much simpler transport, typically avoiding the need for complicated hazmat paperwork, etc.

User assumes all responsibility for compliance with all laws, regulations & codes regarding use of this equipment.




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