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TransFueler Custom

TransFueler Custom DSC05060Fuel trailer. Lube trailer. Equipment service trailer.

Whatever your needs, we can build a TransFueler for you.  Your custom designed TransFueler can include everything you need.  Why buy & operate an expensive fuel/lube truck? Why be stuck with the limited choices the competetion offers?

You know what you need, and we can build it on the toughest chassis in the business.

  • Fuel: From 100-2,000 gallons. Single-Wall, Double-Wall, DOT406.
  • Lube: Fresh oil systems. Waste oil systems. Electric or pneumatic pumps.
  • Grease: Integrated bulk grease systems. 35-120# capacities
  • DEF:  Complete with tank, pump, meter, hose. All you need to service DEF.
  • Hydraulic Fluid: Complete electric or pneumatic dispensing systems
  • Air / Pnuematics: Electric, gas or diesel powered air compressors
  • Generator: Gas or diesel powered, optional welder
  • Welder: Electric, gas or diesel powered, with or without generator...
  • Storage compartments: With or without drawers, can enclose all other equipment.


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