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Features and Options

TransFueler Standard Features

  •  Low Profile, Fully Baffled Steel Tank. Double-Seam Welded of Quality A36 Steel.
  •  Exclusive Ultra-Frame Design. Designed to Tow Safely When Full or Empty.
  •  Triple Beam Tongue, Steel Box Channel Frame with Deck.
  •  Tandem Axles w/Electric Brakes with Breakaway Safety System.
  •  Robust Steel Fenders & Diamond-Plate Decking.
  •  Electric Brakes with Breakaway Safety System.
  •  Heavy Duty ST Trailer Tires on Steel Wheels.
  •  LED DOT Lighting Package with Steel Wrap Light Guards.
  •  Emergency & Normal Venting As Required.
  •  Heavy Duty Adjustable Hitch. Choice of Ball or Pintle Type.
  •  Heavy Duty Adjustable Tongue Jack.
  •  Pre-Vent Vented Fill Cap On Most Models.
  •  Commercial Grade Fuel Filter (Spin-On) W/Mount.
  •  Fill-Rite or GPI 20 GPM High-Output 12V Pump.
  •  12’ UL Fuel Hose w/Manual Nozzle.
  •  Placards Included for Product Identification.
  •  Welded Tie Down Rings. Keep your TransFueler safe & secure.
  •  Durable Powder Coat Finish on Tank & Trailer.


Choose An Upgrade Package:

PLUS Package:

Includes Standard Features and adds: Fuel Meter; Tank Level Gauge; Deep-Cycle Battery Kit w/Box and Automatic Charger; Automatic Nozzle & Swivel

PREMIUM Package:

Includes Standard & Plus Package and adds: 25’ UL Hose and Spring-Rewind Hose Reel



TransFueler Quality

  • Every TransFueler is built in a clean, green factory with industry exceeding tolerances.
  • Our highly experienced fabricators use state-of-the-art laser guided automatic welders ensuring a perfect weld every time.
  • Steel is cut with a precision plasma cutter. Waste is minimized. Accuracy is maximized.
  • Tanks & trailers are built in house, ensuring consistent quality. DOT 406 tanks are built in a seperate specialty shop.
  • All tanks & fuel trailers are high-temp powder coated using the finest DuPont & Cardinal industrial coatings.
  • Every TransFueler undergoes rigorous quality inspections throughout the fabrication process, and prior to delivery.
  • TransFuelers are Made in the USA, with materials and parts sourced here, by people who are legally authorized to work here.

Support American Manufacturing.


TransFueler CHOICES

Choose from:

  • Standard, Plus or Premium Package
  • Diesel
  • BioDiesel
  • Gasoline
  • Jet Fuels (Jet A, JP8, etc)
  • Avgas
  • Steel Tank
  • Aluminum Tank
  • Stainless Steel Tank
  • Exclusive Combo Tank; Inner Tank Stainless Steel, Outer Tank Steel
  • DOT406 Certified Tank.  Remember: It's NOT a DOT 406 Tank without a DOT 406 Data Plate!
  • Wide Choice of Pumps: 12V, 24V, 115V, 240V, Gasoline Powered, Diesel Powered, Solar
  • Lube & Service Equipment: Oil, Grease, DEF, Hydraulic, Air, Generator, Welder, ETC...


TransFueler OPTIONS

Package Deals:

Refuel / Defuel Kit

Off-Road Package: 16” Super-Duty Tires & Wheels; Spring & Rubber Mounted Tank

Toolbox Plus Package: 48” Aluminum Toolbox; Wheel Chocks; Spill Kit


  • Stainless Steel Tank
  • Aluminum Tank
  • Pump / Hose Enclosure Compartment. Several Configurations Available.
  • Solar Kit w/60 Watt Panel & Controller
  • On Board Battery Kit: Deep-Cycle Battery, Box, Automatic Charger (Included w/Plus & Premium Package)
  • Automatic Shutoff Nozzle; ¾” or 1” (Included w/Plus & Premium Packages)
  • Hose Reel, Spring Rewind w/25’ X ¾” UL Hose (Included w/Premium Package)
  • Hose Reel, Spring Rewind w/50’ X 1” UL Hose
  • Static Grounding Reel; 50’ (Included w/Aviation Packages)
  • Aviation Hose on Rewind Reel; 100’ X 1”
  • Aviation Hose on Rewind Reel; 100’ X 1.5”
  • Vapor Recovery, Stage 1
  • Fire Extinguisher(s), Mounted
  • Bottom Fill Kit > with 2'' Dry Disconnect and 2'' Ball Valve & Sump Drain
  • Spare Tire Assembly / Wheel & Tire & Mount
  • Tool Box: 48” Wide or 58" Wide
  • Spill Kits; Universal or Oil-Only
  • LED or Halogen Work Lights
  • Air Compressor
  • Generator
  • Welder


Pump Upgrade Options

  • High Capacity GPI 12V pump up to 25 GPM
  • High Capacity GPI 115V Pump, up to 30 GPM
  • Continuous Duty, High Capacity Dixon 12V/115V pump, up to 25 GPM
  • Ultra-High Capacity Dixon 12V pump, up to 45 GPM
  • Diesel Powered Pump System, up to 60 GPM
  • Gas Powered Pump System, up to 60 GPM (For Diesel or Jet Fuel Only)
  • Aviation Fuels Dispensing Package: Avgas, Jet-A & JP-8


Meters & Gauges

  • GPI Electronic Totalizing Meter ¾” or 1”
  • Fill-Rite Mechanical Totalizing Meter ¾” or 1” (Included with Plus & Premium Packages)
  • Krueger At-A-Glance Fuel Level Gauge (Included with Plus & Premium Packages)
  • Liquid Controls M5 Certifiable Meter (Weights and Measures legal, for fuel resale)
  • TCS 700 Certifiable Meter (Weights and Measures legal, for fuel resale)
  • Fuel Management System. Control & track fuel usage.