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Aboveground Storage Tanks

Lower Your Fuel Costs Now

Increase Your Fleet’s Accountability

Simplify Your Fleet Management


Exclusive "factory to you" distributor of FuelStation & Hoover Vault fuel storage systems.

An integrated system offering complete fueling & fuel management.

Designed to your specific configuration, fully assembled and tested at the factory.


We're experts in UL142 & UL2085 tank systems fuel management systems & complete, ready to use integrated systems..


  • Factory direct distributors of all types of liquid storage tanks.
  • FuelStation UL 142 Tanks
  • Hoover Vault UL 2085 Tanks, with 30 Year Warranty
  • Single-Wall or Double-Wall Construction. Cylindrical or Rectangular Design.
  • Sizes from: 200-30,000 Gallons
  • Complete Systems for: Gasoline, Diesel, Biodiesel, and all Aviation Fuels.
  • Steel, Aluminum & Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Epoxy Tank Lining Available For Extra Protection.
  • Wide Variety of Dispensing Equipment; Pumps, Hoses, Reels, Tank Monitors, Etc...
  • Fuel Management Systems to Control and Track Fuel Usage.

Our most popular tanks are complete, integrated fueling systems. Tank, pump and all dispensing equipment designed, crafted and tested prior to delivery at your site. Simply connect electric power, fill and go. A complete system, designed to work seamlessly to store & dispense fuel at your site, with minimal effort.


Money Saving Advantages

  • FuelStation aboveground fuel storage tanks allow for bulk pricing per load. Save big buying your fuel wholesale.
  • Ensure a safe fuel supply during emergencies. Don't be caught short on fuel in any weather, or under any adverse conditions.
  • Fuel Management systems available for tight control and precise accountability. Eliminate fuel theft, typically estimated to be between 3-9%.
  • Electronic Tank Monitors keep fuel inventory monitored around the clock. Leak, theft detection, and remote monitoring systems are all available.
  • Favorable Lease Finance Arrangements allow you to pay for your system as you use it.


Competitive Lease-Finance Options Available

Quality Fuel Trailer and Tank offers lease/contract-financing options through Odyssey Equipment Financing Company.


Benefits of Leasing:

Save valuable working capital. Use operating funds, instead of capital funds to get new equipment.

Tax savings:

  • Leasing offers significant tax advantages over buying outright or financing.
  • Lease payments are generally 100% tax deductible.
  • When equipment is purchased outright, it must be depreciated over its useful life, typically much longer than the term of a lease.

Lease End Buyout Options:

  • $100 Buyout: Enter a contract lease and buy the equipment for only $100 at the end of the term.
  • 10% Residual: You can choose an open lease and retain the option to buy for 10% residual value at the end of the term.

100% Financing: No money down. Usually just two payments are required to initiate a lease.

Amortize costs of acquisition: Delivery charges, installation charges, software, etc. can be spread over the life of the lease.

Hedge against inflation: Lock in on today's rates and pay monthly with inflated dollars.

Free your traditional lines of credit: Keep traditional borrowing capacity available for short term and emergency use.